Friday, June 5, 2009

Starry Starry Nights

Sunshine gave me a book by Jimmy Liao (Ji Mi) "The Starry Starry Night" for my birthday. It was the most wonderful gift. It has beautiful illustrations .... mostly surreal expressions of a lonely little girl. Its a story about two lonely people, each with a sad story taking a journey together. There were no words to the colorful pictures that depicted the journey but I know it was the best journey of these two lonely souls....After the journey, they were separated and never to see each other again. was a sad ending for the optimists but a happy ending for the pessimists. The optimist would probably lament that the little boy and the little girl would never see each other again, and wished for a happy ending. The pessimist would probably be comforted by the thought that there would be light in the shadows. Regardless how dark is the journey, someone would come along and brightens up your days, and it was good even if it was a passing moment. I think of Sunshine and me .... we are in a journey .... what would happen after that .... I wished our journey would never end .... 

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