Tuesday, June 30, 2009


over a sandwich and latte, a friend and colleague revealed that he would be leaving the job for greener pastures ... it was a mixed feeling to hear about his impending departure as we met each other again in the firm after a number of years, and he did back stabbed me at one point ... but I would say that I am sad overall. once upon a time, we were hanging out together playing football and wrecking the landscaping in college, and did all the idiotic things together, and I would want to remember him for that, and not the back-stabbing. well, youthful pride and ambitions do hurt friendships, but we all need time to grow up. for every oxygen breathing soul, there are times that we come to certain crossroads, where we were made to decide on a path, and like all crossroads, we'll only know if we will regret after the crossroads. most of the time, we change course because we are unhappy, but who would really leave a job or a relationship or some place when we are most happy with it ... but being a pessimist-non-conformist, I would say that the best time to leave is when u are happiest, so all that's left are good memories. well, i've digressed, in any case, my friend leave because he chose to try something new rather than to rest on the laurels of success and security ... I agree with him, don't waste your youth, this is the time to try and fail and try again ... all the best my friend, you'll be missed. 

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