Monday, June 29, 2009


as usual, tis monday and my monday headache is back, hoped it would remain a monday headache. somehow, there's always a pile-up at the in-tray, somehow there'll always be bad traffic jams, somehow, some colleagues are especially talented in being a a**-h*** on mondays. or perhaps tis just a state of mind ... hmmmm ... #yawn# oh well, it was especially bad to-monday due to the lack of sleep over the weekend #thanks buddy!#, and the fact that I had ... about 30 dreams last night, some of which were really bazaar, like having dinner with sunshine and her mother in some bazaar restaurant-cum-food factory and being grilled #me, not the food# ... being a cab-driver and getting into a bad accident 3 sec after starting work. what is wrong with me ... i need to sleep. 

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