Thursday, June 11, 2009

The melancholy of a beautiful day ...

six days after the creation of sad songs, shadow wondered if it should still be named as such because it seemed that shadow is helplessly in love with sunshine, so day 6 saw the first happy entry ... with a vivid picture of sunshine ... at the end of day 6, sunshine retreated back to her own world ... so that's the way the beautiful day ended, bitter sweet ... the melancholy of a beautiful day. Lindy Gardner and Steven Whatever had the time of their lives ... sharing a stolen turkey ... running around the hospital wrapped up like mummies (recovery from plastic surgery) but enjoying the freedom of a little privacy that their situation gave them. After the bandages were removed, they were back to their own world. So their little romance lasted as long as a nocturne. Finally, the fatigue of day six sets in, I am going to sleep. 

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