Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank Jack Tis Friday!!

Nothing exorcises your rage from your mind like a run and a good work out ... oh well (I'm beginning to sound like Sunshine, who is a couple of thousands miles away, and I miss her), I could still enjoy the remnants of this damned week after all ... can't wait to play disc 2 of 24 (Season 7). been checking out the DVDs for season 7 at the video joint for a year, and found it at a HMV joint at Elements, Kowloon. I paid HKD399 for it without blinking. There's something therapeutic about watching 24 ... let me see, I watched season one to six over one month ... in 2007 and was addicted ... there's always some enemies for anyone to relate to ... high level corrupted and principle-least politicians, heroes, terrorists trying their luck from anything from germs to dirt bombs, characters who looked like traitors but were heroes and of course, our dear-tortured soul- Jack-Bauer. I must admit I'm no fan of Keifer Sutherland, but I think he did a pretty good job playing Jack Bauer, especially that oft "look" of helplessness and resignation, but well, still save the day ... and got betrayed within the hour. Poor Jack. And of course, nobody talks about 24 without paying tributes to the torture scenes. Well, serve them right ... come on, these @#$#3 were trying to blow the living daylight out of innocent folks who did nothing except to vote in a scum as the president ... wait a minute ... hmmm ... well, tis a collective "accident". Anyway, thank Jack its Friday!!! 

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