Saturday, June 27, 2009

death of a tragedy ...

michael jackson died on 26 Jun 09. Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Ebony and Ivory, This Girl is Mine ... michael's songs were definitive in my rocker-ing indulgences since I was 10? or was it 9. Billy Jean was a favorite hit amongst my soccer buddies, i could still remember Michael's mv for Ebony with Paul McCartney. however, on 26 Jun 09, Michael Jackson passed on ... as a tragedy. Enough is said of what happened, but as a former fan, I would have preferred that he died with more glory, as a symbol of his era, like Kurt Cobain, who died in his prime. But it was not to be. in recent memory, all we could remember about Michael Jackson was his broken nose, his multi-multi million dollar debt, his child abuse allegations and not for the revolution he brought to rock music in the 1980's ... his moon-walk ... and yes, Jackson Five. in any case, let us remember what Michael Jackson did for rock music, the glorious era and his struggles. Oh well, like many of us, he had his dreams, he had his disillusions, heartbreaks and as the story goes, to become somebody he was not. But he tried to pursue his dreams, and he fell, just like many of us ... like many of us, he f**ked it up. Let us remember Michael Jackson for the memories he left us ... in his music.

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