Sunday, June 21, 2009

the importance of f**king up ....

I must admit my F1 fever is going to be short-lived now that the big boys are leaving the championship next year, and Mclaren's showing this season was wrecked by a #$@% car. One of the joys of last season was about watching Lewis Hamilton climb his way to world championship, so the dismal performance of the team was quite depressing, especially when Lewis ended up in 16th place in home ground yesterday. Well, I supposed losing and being at the bottom (especially after being crowned champion) is part and parcel of life ... I remembered managing a sports team years back ... bottom of the table ... and for two years, it was nothing but training and training three times a week, having friendlies with big boys to get thrashed, time to lick their wounds after that and training harder ... and two years later, they became champions. Failures ... It helps you get a clearer resolution on what you want, the humiliation would be the driving force of the future, the sorrows would build character, the defeats would build strength, all that you would need to make a better champion. Besides, Lewis is young, he has time ... way to go !!!

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